Sep 29

Here are some quick steps to setting up an origin-edge Flash media server. Specifically these steps are for setting up a edge on a origin machine so that there is both on 1 machine that can have some value for certain setups and performance management.

Note: line numbers are off of default config files.

Setting Up a Origin/Edge on a single machine

• Duplicate the _defaultRoot_ dir in the conf dir and rename
(exp: “edge”)

In the Edge’s Adaptor.xml:
• (Line 42) Change the name attribute value of the Adaptor> HostPortList>HostPort tag to something unique e.g. edge2
• (Line 42) Change the ctl_channel value to a different value: e.g. 19351
• (Line 42) Set the Adaptor> HostPortList>HostPort value to a different IP and/or Port: e.g. :1936 (Don’t forget the colon)

In your Edge’s VHost.xml:
• (Line 127) Set the Proxy>Mode to remote: remote
• (Line 139) Set Proxy>Anonymous to true: true
• (Line208 ) Set the RouteEntry: *:1936;*:1935

Adobe Docs

Thanks to Sarge for the help.

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